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Welcome to Breathe in Yoga


My name is Lindsay Kuipers and I am the founder and Instructor of Breathe in Yoga. I'm a 250RYT certified yoga instructor with a passion to learn new things and grow as an individual and a community leader.


My Mission

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

I am very passionate about teaching people to live healthy lives through physical and mental yoga practices. By fulfilling your goals in a safe and relaxing environment, I help you to de-stress, unwind, tone & strengthen muscles, increase energy levels, and learn to have a better relationship with your body. By teaching you the techniques and philosophies of yoga, you can bring this knowledge into your daily life, and have a more positive and invigorating life experience.


I specialize in corporate yoga, private/semi-private yoga, workshops and retreats.

Lindsay's Offerings

Online Class

Book an online Skype class with Lindsay and see how you can integrate yoga into your life.


Workshops are a great way to learn new things about yoga. Check out the workshops to see which ones peek your interest.

Book a Private or Semi-Private Class

Lindsay offers a variety of classes including private classes, semi-private classes, and corporate yoga classes.


Retreats are a great way to relax, unwind, and reconnect with yourself. 



Lindsay is an amazing yoga instructor.

She is passionate about yoga and she does in fact “Breathe in Yoga”.

I looked forward for Tuesday and Thursday lunches, that’s when a group of us got together and Lindsay lead us through a relaxing ½ hour of “chair yoga”.  We all felt very invigorated and energized after the class.

I can truly say by doing chair yoga I became more flexible, it made me aware of  the importance of having a proper posture and more importantly I noticed an improvement in my energy level.

Christine K.

Corporate Chair Yoga

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Pickering, Ontario \ Tel: 905-242-6917

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