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My 5 Core Values

5 Core Values

Hello my friends, I am here to share with you my 5 Core Values. I'll also talk about what core values are and how to come up with your own.

First off, what are core values? Well core values are one of the most important hidden factors that control our ambitions, dreams, and drive in life. These values help us to focus on what is really important in our lives and helps to guide us down the right path. Knowing your 5 core values really helps you to move your life in a direction that is authentic to you. It reminds you of your passions and it is built into your subconscious 'blueprint'. Core values are also values that you are not willing to sacrifice.

An example of a core value (Honesty) - You are at the supermarket and you see something you like. It costs $15.00 but you want to bargain down the price. You have $20.00 in your pocket and you tell him you'd like to buy it for $10.00. If you were to say, "I only have $10.00 on me right now but I'd really like to buy this." You would be lying. That goes against your core value of honesty. Instead you can follow your core value and ask him to lower the price and tell him honestly that you'd only like to pay $10.00 for the item. Now whether this works out or not, you can feel good about it because you didn't jeopardize your core value.


So now I'd like to share some of my core values with you;

Love - So I have a not-so-common view on love. And my belief is that I love everyone. Every single person on this planet (including myself), I love them unconditionally. I might not enjoy or like everyone on this planet, but I do love everyone. This is including animals, insects and mother earth.

Some people think you need to have a big 'capacity' in order to love more people, but to me, it's more simple than that. Everyone has a beauty to them, everyone is unique. Love is a very special feeling, and everyone deserves love in their lives.

Balance - I am a firm believer in balance! An example, you are not a healthy person if you ONLY eat 'healthy' foods. Eating foods that are 'not-so-good' for you are needed in your diet as well, but obviously in moderation.

Balance is everywhere, good and bad. And it's when we experience the bad that we can really appreciate the good in this world. We need both in this world, and in our lives.

We need to work really hard, but we also need to relax to regain our energy and spirit. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with new knowledge and tasks that I want to shy away from everything for awhile. I know this is okay, because balance that is balance.

Growth - I believe we should grow as individuals, consistently. There are so many things in this world and you have soooo much potential. If you don't constantly work on yourself, your not going to grow, and your not going to feel amazing about yourself.

It's when we push ourselves and improve ourselves that we feel amazing! You really don't know your true potential unless you try.

I know this best because until a few years ago, I was living a 'normal' life without growth. To be truly honest it was a bit boring. But when I decided to better myself with more education and broadening my horizons, I became to feel more alive. Pushing myself to new heights and realizing with more intensity, that I really can accomplish anything as long as I truly believe and work towards it.

Connection - I believe we are all connected, one way or another. It is really important to connect to others, to find people who understand you, your tribe. This connection to others is so healthy and beneficial, it's part of our being.

It's also really important to have connection to yourself. Yoga is one of the biggest things in my life that has shown me this. When I do yoga, I feel more connected to my body, than ever before. I understand how I work and how to move and live in my body that is most beneficial to myself.

Honesty - I'm a fairly honest person (even though I feel that this one needs a tiny bit more work). I like to be honest to other people, to show them my true self and to tell them what I'm really thinking.

This world is a crazy place, and sometimes it's really hard to figure out how you feel about people and situations. So I haven't always been so honest to myself, about my feelings, but I am trying. It's really hard to sort out everything when your world starts to close in on itself, but being honest with yourself and others, really does help you get through some tough situations.


So now that you know about my core values, what about your own core values? What are the values you hold so dear? Take a look at your life today and think about things that you care about or beliefs that you have.

It can be whatever you want (there are a lot more than what is above), and they can also change throughout your life. So don't worry about what you decide on today, you can work through them until you find ones that truly resonate with you.

I'd like to take this moment now to say thank you! You have read through my core values and I really hope you have a better understanding of what they are. If you'd like to share your core values feel free to comment below, or e-mail me at

Until next time,



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