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Pain vs Discomfort

In yoga, it is natural to feel discomfort in a yoga pose. Many of the poses put your body through an awkward feeling and sometimes it's hard to know if you should stick with it, or if you should ease out of the pose. In this blog post, I'll go over some of the signs that you are overdoing it.


When your feeling goes from discomfort to pain, you might notice that other parts of your body are tensing up. If you notice that your body is super tense and you can't seem to relax, then you have pushed yourself too far.

Another thing to notice is if you are holding your breath. Yes sometimes it's easy to forget to breathe while your mind is focused on fixing your posture, but holding your breath and forgetting to breathe are two different things. So keep a close eye out for the difference.

My third tip to determine your level of discomfort is to rate it on a scale from 1 to 10 (Reworded), with 1 being comfortable, and 10 being highly uncomfortable. If your number is 7 or higher, you have passed the discomfort level and have moved into the pain level.


Well, now that you know what are some signs, what can you do about them? The first thing you can do is ease out of the pose or get out of the pose entirely to take a quick break. Everybody has a different body, so it's okay if your body doesn't feel like everyone else's and doesn't do the pose like everyone else. The best thing is to just focus on yourself, and to listen to your body.

If you notice that the same pose hurts you every time, then you should ask your yoga instructor about it. Perhaps you are doing the pose wrong or they can tell you a modification for the pose. This is why we say there is a pose for everyone, because there are many different types of yoga and many different modifications to the poses that can accommodate different people.

Well there you have it, some tips for your pain vs discomfort dilemma (Sounds like an awkward goodbye to your friend; you should reword it). If you have any other tips, or if you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

Until next time, have an amazing day!



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