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Vision Boards 101

Hello tribe! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far. Today I want to go over a fantastic mindful map to success and happiness - vision boards!

Vision boards are a great way to help manifest the things you want in life, using the Law of Attraction. They're kind of like a bucket list, but with more visual effects. A vision board is where you write down and put pictures of things you want in your life.

The first step in making a board is to make a list of things you want to put on it. I find it's best to do this over the course of a few days, therefore you can really figure out what you want to manifest in your life. See below mind map image of what I used to help me when I was making my vision map last year:

Vision Board Mind Map

After you have selected and thought through some ideas of how you want to put your board together, start collecting materials. See the list below of some useful materials/mediums:

  • Bristol Board or Cork Board

  • Colourful Markers

  • Sharpies

  • Glue or Double-Sided Tape (or Thumb-Tacks if using a Cork Board)

  • Magazine Pictures

  • Pictures from the Internet/Computer

  • Pictures of Your Family/Loved Ones

  • Ribbons

  • Clipart

Now that you have ideas for your board and materials, it's time to get creative! Every vision board is unique. You can research online to see how other people did theirs, but you don't have to follow any of them. The best thing to do is to make it resonate with you. The most important part is to be as specific as possible. For example, instead of writing 'family', write 'family to be happy & healthy'. Instead of writing 'car', write 'car model, make, and year'.

For myself, I usually start by writing my name in the center of page and then section the board up into categories. However, that might not resonate with you, and that's ok! If you're really unsure of how you want to put it together, perhaps try putting the images on the board first, and then arrange it until you like what you see. Also, please note that you can add to your vision board as often as you'd like. See below picture of my personal vision board that I made last year:

Lindsay's Vision Board

Finally, once your vision board is done, find a place to hang it up. I have mine in my bedroom. Try to pick any spot that you will regularly look to. You can also create a vision board as often as you like. I do mine annually, so I will be making another one soon!

If you decide to make a vision board, feel free to ask questions and also share your vision board after it's done!

Until next time, have a wonderful day!



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