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Inspiration for the Month: February 2019

Welcome to my new blog series: Inspiration for the Month!

The other day, when I reflected upon my own life, I realized how often people get lost in the daily ‘grind’ of life and lose interest in their hobbies or what inspired them down their current path in the first place. Therefore, I believe that it is important to set time aside in our daily lives to focus on what inspires us in order to lead fulfilling lives.

In this new monthly blog series, I will go over some inspiration themes that I encourage you to explore to help you rekindle the inspiration in your life. Without further ado, February's theme is...

Trying Something New

I truly believe that when we put ourselves outside of our comfort zone, we explore new aspects of ourselves and the challenge we put ourselves through really gives us a great sense of accomplishment.

When I was in high school, I took an outdoor education class that really taught me a lot about pushing myself past my fears. My biggest fear is the fear of heights and there were a few activities (like rock jumping and rock climbing) that really tested me in those aspects. Did I get over my fear of heights? Not exactly, but it did help and I was amazed at myself that I was able to accomplish something even though I was fearful. This was this empowering feeling that really inspired me to be brave when trying new things.

The theme Trying Something New for February works very well as it’s winter here in Canada. In winter, especially February, our energies tend to get more stagnant and trying something new is a great way to get ourselves to move, meet new people, and push past our comfort zones.

Whether you try yoga, tai chi, or an acting class, I encourage you to explore and try something new. I will also attempt something new this February. I am not familiar with CrossFit so I am going to take classes to try it out, and hopefully learn something new and gain a better understanding of myself.

What will your activity be?

Feel free to share your activity below in the comment section or on a social media platform. I'd love to see what kinds of activities you plan on exploring. Also, let me know how your experience went with the new activity. Did you learn anything new about yourself?

Need some ideas? I've put together a list of activities that get you moving below;

  • Yoga (maybe even trying a different method or style)

  • Tai Chi

  • Cross Fit

  • Skating

  • Hiking in a Hiking Group

  • Cross Country Skiing

  • Ice Fishing

  • Snow Shoeing

  • Tour Your Own City/Town

  • Join a Runners Club

  • Visit a Community Centre Near You & Take a Class They Offer

  • Take an Acting Workshop/Class

  • Take a Cooking Workshop/Class

  • Go Cycling in a New Area (for those who are in a warmer climate)

  • Indoor Rock Climbing/Bouldering

  • Archery (Tag)

  • Bowling

  • Curling

I hope those ideas help, or that you are able to come up with your own creative idea for a new activity to try. Please feel free to share your story and get your friends or family involved as well, the more the merrier!

Until next time, have a wonderful day & month!



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