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Workshops are really great way to explore different aspects of yoga and similar practices. If you're interested in any of the workshops that we will be hosting, please feel free to contact us or sign-up on our Eventbrite page.   

Learn the Basics Workshop

Bring the 'Learn the Basics' workshop to your own group! This workshop focuses on basic foundations of yoga philosophy, different yoga styles, meditation, breathing techniques and pose breakdown.  
In this workshop you will learn what yoga is all about and why we say, "everyone can do yoga". We want to show you how you can make your yoga practice more meaningful, how to stay safe in a class, and how to be more confident with some key poses so you never have to feel totally lost in a yoga class again. 
Dates: You pick a day and time that works best for you and your group
Location: Flexible. Either studio, office, or community space
Duration of Workshop: 2 hours
Max People: 15
Price: $100.00 CAD (Rental space not included)

Learn the Basics

For more information on available workshops, please contact me below

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